Delivering Oil Across the UK

Are you looking for a reliable oil supplier who can delivery oil on the same or next day and always offer competitive prices in the oil industry? Then we are here to help!

Please give us a quick call on 0800 917 7493 and one of our team will be more than happy to help in all your oil or lubricant supply needs.

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Ingoe Oils are a leading oil & lubricants supplier delivering oil and lubricants throughout the UK to a variety of sectors and industries. From agricultural and domestic markets to commercial and industrial applications.

Our success as an oil supplier has been to understand our customers’ bespoke requirements which is why we offer a truly outstanding customer service with knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any queries or help place fuel orders efficiently with excellent customer service.

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We can deliver all types of heating oil which includes the following products:

  • Red Diesel Fuel: Using a 205 litre barrel capacity, our bulk orders start from 500 litres and can reach as much as 36,000 litres and above! Red diesel fuel can be used in tractors, ride on lawn-mowers, back up generators, construction vehicles and machinery or oil-fired heating systems.
  • Diesel Fuel: We deliver diesel fuel as white diesel, red diesel and derv to small farms or large commercial premises in bulk quantities of 1,000 litres and more or for 205 litre barrels too.
  • Kerosene Fuel: Kerosene is a type of oil supplied to power industrial or commercial engines and machinery. It can also be used to power up domestic heating systems and is the most commonly used type of fuel oil used in the UK for heating up homes.
  • Home Heating Oil: As a UK-favourite heating oil supplier, Ingoe Oils can deliver heating oil from remote locations or domestic premises which are hard to access, requiring careful management of deliveries.
  • Industrial Heating Oil: IHO offers a cheaper option than Ultra Low Sulphur gas oil used for heating boilers, dryers or heaters as well as other applications. Industrial heating oil does not contain biodiesel and cannot be used in diesel engine machinery. It has been designed for large industrial or commercial boilers, furnaces and heating systems so can be used in places such as schools, churches, town halls and large swimming pool heating systems.
  • Carbon Offset Red Diesel: This is a green diesel supplied nationwide and is a solution to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and go green. As a Carbon Offest Red Diesel supplier, we can offer fast deliveries, low prices, reliability, outstanding customer service and bulk or barrel order options.

Nationwide Oil Supplier

We can make the difference when it comes to ordering fuels and lubricants. No matter where you are in the UK, we can supply fuels and lubricants across the UK.

Simply call us today to discuss and get answers to your oil or lubricant needs on 0800 917 7493. We can also provide you with an emergency delivery if required thanks to our 24/7 delivery options.