Heating Oil Delivered Nationwide

If you heat your home, business or other property using heating oil, Ingeo Oils can deliver all of the fuels, oils and lubricants you require, anywhere in the UK. With the ever changing weather here in the UK, ensuring you have a ready store of heating oil is all important and it’s for this reason that we provide a 24/7 delivery service to ensure you’re never left to wait.

Whether you wish to order by the barrel with oil delivered in 205 litre barrels, or prefer bulk deliveries with tanker deliveries available from 500 litres, through to 36,000 litres or more. Ingoe Oils can help ensure you never run short when you need it most, no matter where you are in the UK.

If you’re unsure about your requirements or have any other questions before placing an order. You can give our friendly team a call on 0800 917 7493 to get answers to your questions.

Common questions about Heating Oil

Some things to note about Heating Oil, are that it’s exactly the same as Kerosene. Heating Oil is used as an alternative to other sources of energy such as Electricity and Gas to heat millions of homes, businesses and other buildings across the UK. Heating Oil has a huge history and has a very delicate manufacturing process to prepare it for use in your home heating systems. Let us tell you a little more about Heating Oil.

Gas Oil and Kerosene

Gas Oil is slightly different and often goes by the name of ’35 second oil’ rather than ’28 second oil’ that kerosene is commonly called. These names derive from the distillation process. Gas oil is most commonly known as ‘Red Diesel’ and is much less combustible than Heating Oil.

Gas oil is one of many heavy oils which are made from the fractional distillation of petroleum. For the purpose of heating, it’s mainly known as gas oil, in plant applications and automotive it’s referred to as diesel fuel.

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History of Heating Oil

Kerosene has been in production since 1846, originally produced by a company called ‘kerosene Gaslight Company’. This form of energy / oil was the UK’s most prominent fuel used to heat our country, keeping us warm and toasty – especially through the cold winter months. Heating Oil was soon overtaken in popularity by domestic gas back in the 1920’s but has remained a domestic and commercial fuel ever since.

How is Heating Oil Produced?

Heating Oil is produced through a distillation process where petroleum is heated to temperatures between 150 and 275 degrees. This allows the components within petroleum to break up and separate with lighter components rising and more dense components sinking.

Heating Oil Costs

As we’ve grown and expanded over the years, we’ve built up key partnerships which have enabled to improve and strengthen our buying power, enabling us to work hard to keep our prices low by passing on the savings we make to our customers.

We would like to be able to provide prices on our website, but the main issue for us and any other business selling heating oil like ours, is that the oil prices can and do change so often and so quickly, that the price displayed on the website would quickly become outdated.

As so, in order for us to provide you with the most up to date price changes, you will need to speak with one of our team who have direct access to the latest prices. This can be done in two ways, either by filling in the online quote form on this page to request a quote.

Or alternatively, you can call and speak directly to the team here at Ingoe Oils by calling 0800 917 7493. They will also be able to answer any of your questions and provide you with the latest prices on all of your heating oil and any other fuels and lubricants requirements.

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