Carbon Offset Red Diesel

If you’re looking at ways of reducing your business’ carbon footprint, then carbon offset red diesel is a fantastic solution. Current users of red diesel can now go green with our CORD; which has been totally carbon offset right down to the delivery.

We have the most competitive prices on CORD so give us a call and find out how much you can save with Ingoe Oils.

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What Does Carbon Offset Mean?

Carbon offsetting involves purchasing red diesel at the regular price but with an additional cost. This additional money is put into carbon offsetting projects, which usually involves planting trees and nurturing plant life. These trees and plants are able to soak up the harmful emissions in the air to help purify the air.

Why Do I Need Carbon Offset Red Diesel?

When fossil fuels such as red diesel are burned in an engine, emissions are released. One of the emissions that are released is CO2 (carbon dioxide), which is quite harmful to the environment.

Using carbon offset red diesel helps you reduce the negative impact that fossil fuels have on the environment through contributions to environmental programs.

Why Choose Ingoe Oils?

  • We can deliver the carbon offset red diesel you need within 48 hours or receiving your order.
  • Our prices for red diesel are among some of the most competitive in the UK.
  • You can order the red diesel you need from us either in bulk or in 205-litre barrels.
  • Our customer service team is one of the best in the fuel industry.
  • We can deliver the fuel you need to any location in the UK.

To place your order for carbon offset red diesel, give us a quick call on 0800 917 7493 and we can process your order today!