Ways for Businesses to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Products-imageFor most businesses, fuel makes up a significant percentage of your operating costs. Often, these costs can be reduced. The secret lies in taking steps to improve your company’s fuel efficiency. Not only will this reduce fuel consumption but it will also help to save your business real money.

Monitor Fuel Consumption

The first step towards improved fuel efficiency lies in being aware of how much oil and white diesel you’re using. Effective monitoring of fuel consumption really helps. It will identify inefficient drivers, and provide you with an opportunity to improve their driving style by targeted training.

Driving Technology

The next step is to fully utilise driving technology to reduce fuel consumption. Fitting company vehicles with GPS units will help drivers plan their route in advance. This will save your business driving time and money. For example, a GPS can save up to 15 miles of driving per vehicle per week, which amounts to a significant reduction in fuel consumption over one year. 

Driver Investment

The cost benefit of fuel-efficient driving cannot be over-emphasised. It can bring about substantial savings by reducing fuel consumption and by lowering the costs of maintenance and insurance. The key is to invest in your drivers through incentives and training. Training in driver effectiveness techniques can save your company up to 20p a mile. Incentives on the other hand, can help motivate drivers to continue to employ such driving techniques. Consider rewarding the most fuel-efficient driver each month with a bonus or a gift.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

Last but not least, don’t forget your vehicles. Optimise fuel consumption by operating a well-maintained fleet.  In addition to fuel-saving devices, think about vehicle specification when choosing your fleet, and regularly check your tyres and carry out general maintenance. This will save on fuel and prevent wasting money on costly emergency repairs.

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