How to use AdBlue in your Diesel Vehicles

Heating oilDespite AdBlue not being a hazardous product there are very clear rules to follow when using this solution as it is used with a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst which can be extremely sensitive to impurities. Therefore it is imperative that your AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is not contaminated to ensure that your SCR system will function as it’s supposed to.

If there is any contamination it can be expensive to repair your vehicles whether it be a tractor, car, lorry etc. the performance will be affected. A liquid as simple as water can cause damage to your catalyst.

There are very specific rules to follow when using Ad Blue starting with always pouring AdBlue into the specific tank for the solution, making sure that both the nozzle pistol and filler cap of the tank are well marked so that diesel never goes into the AdBlue tank.

You should also only use AdBlue equipment when storing or refilling the solution and it must be kept clean and away from any other liquids, dust and dirt to ensure there is no contamination. The container for your AdBlue must remain sealed and away from any of these contaminants, however when it is being cleaned you must only use demineralised water to ensure it does not affect the AdBlue.

It is also important that when either cleaning or handling any lubricants, you wear protective gloves and clothing and if there is a spillage you must immediately use water to rinse the affected areas thoroughly.

Extreme temperatures can also be hazardous and damage the product with it freezing at -11 degrees. Equally it is advised to keep the containers away from high temperatures and direct sunlight as at 30 degrees Celsius the AdBlue will start to decompose.

If the container is overheated make sure you immediately spray the sealed container with cold water to restore an appropriate temperature