Are you tired of your energy prices going up? Kerosene might surprise you

It’s something we all hear almost every week of our lives. On the TV, Radio, Newspapers – the ever increasing price of energy for consumers. We can’t escape the headlines. However, something that doesn’t often get mentioned is the price of heating oil, so we would like to take it upon ourselves to tell you exactly what the average price for heating oil is today compared to just a few years ago.

You’ll be pleased to know that Kerosene is at its lowest price in almost 4 years. If we rewind back to December 2010, the consumer was looking at paying, on average, 75 pence per litre including VAT. Fast forward to today and for every litre purchased you’ll be saving around 25 pence per litre.

The nationwide average currently stands at around 49 pence per litre as of October 6th 2014, so here’s to heating with oil!

There are a few reasons why this has happened. Our mild winters have kept temperatures above what we usually expect and with a subsequent reduction in demand for heating oil prices have been driven down. The US has also increased their oil production meaning there’s plenty more to go around! So with the basics of supply and demand, it’s really helped bring the price down for the consumer.

So it may not all be doom and gloom for us who use oil to heat our homes, in fact it’s looking rather bright and ultimately more affordable.

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