Prepare Your Heating Oil Tank For The Cold Weather

Don't go cold this winterNow it’s officially autumn, it’s important to make sure your fuel tank is in good condition so you don’t go cold this winter.

For some, winter may be hugely welcome, but for others it’s accompanied with some challenging months. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you maintain the efficiency of your heating oil tank.

Check for tank defects

During periods of severe cold weather or heavy snowfall, your tank can become damaged due to the weight of the snow or contamination of the fuel which can erode the tank.

Monitor your heating oil level

Letting your tank run empty or even run low can be dangerous. It can result in sludge at the bottom of your tank being disturbed when the tank is then refilled. This can cause filters to be blocked which can result in performance issues.

Pinpoint any leakages

Make sure the base, fixtures and pipes aren’t cracked or broken because these can worsen in the cold. An oil leak can be a serious problem for both your home and the environment so it’s imperative to sustain a well-kept tank.

Secure your tank

Winter is the most common time for theft with the longer nights posing more of an opportunity. We suggest installing an alarm, tank lock and locating it in eye shot to avoid being a victim.

Refuel ahead of the winter

Don't go cold this winter

With the British weather unpredictability and increased demand during these months, we advise you to fill your tank before the cold season to avoid possible delivery and fuel contamination problems.

We make every effort to meet all emergency deliveries but challenging delivery conditions for our drivers can result in extended delivery times.

Buying ahead will also cut your fuel bill this winter. When demand increases, wholesale prices increase.

Ingoe Oils are a leading supplier of commercial heating oil and industrial heating oil (IHO). We guarantee to offer the most competitive prices on the market as well as all delivieries made within 48 hours. And if you’re in an emergency, we an be with you in a matter of hours. Don’t go cold this winter. Call us on 0800 917 7493.