How to pick the right diesel supplier for your business in the North West

Finding the right fuel supplier can become very time consuming and frustrating. Here are a few points to help you find the right diesel supplier in the North West.

What is diesel?

First lets cover what we mean. Diesel can be known as white diesel, road diesel and DERV (diesel engine road vehicle). These terms usually refer to ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) that is commonly used in lorries, trucks, vans and cars. Ultra low sulphur diesel produces lower CO2 emissions than red diesel (Gas Oil) which is often used in the agricultural industry for vehicles such as tractors. The main difference between diesel and gas oil is that the first is intended for use on road vehicles and the second is intended for off road vehicles, this is why the red dye is added to the Gas Oil so a clear differentiation can be made between the two. Another major difference is that fuel duty is also paid on white diesel, according to recent reports fuel duty can account for up to 60 percent of the cost of your white diesel at the pump. This means that red diesel is a commercially viable options for businesses that are using off road diesel engines in their plant or machinery.

Diesel engines are preferred for heavy vehicles such as tankers and lorries because diesel engines are often more efficient especially when vehicles are carrying heavy loads. Which is why it is an ideal fuel for commercial and haulage companies. Diesel is usually bought in bulk and Ingoe Oils can deliver up to 20,000 litres in each tanker. This means that Ingoe Oils is a large volume fuel supplier in the North West and understands the importance of on time efficient drops allowing companies to run all year round.

Why Ingoe Oils is the right diesel supplier in the North West

Ingoe Oils specialises in being a large volume supplier and this means that we have developed a clear understanding of what it takes to deliver such large amounts. Our staff are always just a phone call away and will always go the extra mile to guarantee the best service. We have a strong fleet that can supply large quantities in single drops. Our service far exceeds any of our competitors and that is why customers choose to use us. Find out ten reasons to use Ingoe Oils here Use Ingoe Oils

What else can Ingoe Oils offer?

Ingoe Oils also offers red diesel, boiler juice, kerosene and a full range of lubricants and accessories. All our fuel can be ordered in bulk or as packed fuel in drums, barrels and IBC’s.

For more information or to place an order 0800 977 7493 and speak to a local friendly team member today. Make Ingoe Oils your diesel supplier in the North West.


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