Industrial Applications of Lubricants

Lubricants are used within many industries, from automotive to food production. Here are some most common reasons for using them. To Reduce Friction This is a well-known use of lubricants, within both domestic and industrial applications. It helps machines to…Read more

Why Should You Use a Top-up Service?

During the colder months of the year it is important that you have enough fuel to get you through without having to worry. Using planned top up services provided by fuel and oil delivery companies is a secure way for…Read more

Advantages of Using Kerosene

Kerosene is a liquid fossil fuel which comes from the refinement of crude oil and can be used for heating homes. There are many advantages to using kerosene in homes which is why it is a widely used fuel source…Read more

Red Diesel Explained

Commercial fuel taxation is a necessary evil, but the taxes levied often reach nigh extortionate levels. We pay these taxes primarily to support the maintenance of our roads and transport systems, but oftentimes, the facts surrounding this particular need for…Read more

The Security of your Oil Tank

If you live in a remote location then it makes sense to take some security precautions to make sure that your oil is not stolen. The oil in your tank is valuable and therefore it can be prone to theft…Read more

The Importance of Maintaining Your Oil Tank

Maintaining your oil tank is something that often gets neglected by both homeowners and commercial business owners. Ideally you should get a qualified professional to inspect your tank system at least once a year. They will not only inspect the…Read more

The Degree Day System Service explained

Heating Oil and other fuels are consumed for heating based on how cold the weather has been and for how long. At Ingoe Oils we use this information to estimate when you need us to deliver fuel based on the…Read more

It’s Hurricane season – Are you topped up?

Almost every year, there’s reports of strong storms sweeping across the UK, causing chaos for everybody in their path. The news channels and websites are often reporting Hurricanes and other strong storms hitting the UK with gusts of wind up…Read more