Ways for Businesses to Reduce Fuel Consumption

For most businesses, fuel makes up a significant percentage of your operating costs. Often, these costs can be reduced. The secret lies in taking steps to improve your company’s fuel efficiency. Not only will this reduce fuel consumption but it…Read more

Industrial Lubricants – A Helpful Guide

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Keeping Your Business Fuelled 24/7

Advantage of a Reliable Fuel Delivery Service For businesses that use industrial fuel, maintaining a reliable, regular and cost efficient fuel supply is a top concern. After all, nobody wants to run out of fuel or pay for an expedited…Read more

Understanding the Legalities of Gas Oil

Trying to decipher the legalities surrounding gas oil is less difficult than it appears. Also known as ‘red diesel,’ this oil is chemically marked with a red dye, to allow for easy identification by HMRC. This is due to its…Read more

Range of Fuels and Oils Available for Farms

Here at Ingoe Oils, we’re proud to have been serving the agricultural community for many years with a whole range of fuels and oils. Our farming customers are based all around the UK, with many of our customers relying on…Read more

How to use AdBlue in your Diesel Vehicles

Despite AdBlue not being a hazardous product there are very clear rules to follow when using this solution as it is used with a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst which can be extremely sensitive to impurities. Therefore it is imperative…Read more

Heating Oil Fuels for Home & Business

Premium Kerosene (Elite Heat) & Aga/Rayburn (Elite Burn) There are two main types of heating oil that fuel delivery companies can supply you with; either Premium Kerosene called Elite Heat or Aga/Rayburn called Elite Burn. These two new types of…Read more

AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) Explained

In 2006, new legislation of the ‘Euro IV engine specifications’ was put in place meaning that any bus or truck registered after October of that year must be compliant with Euro 4 or EURO 5 and most of which require…Read more

Red Diesel Rochdale

Commercial fuel taxation is a necessary evil, but the taxes levied often reach nigh extortionate levels. We pay these taxes primarily to support the maintenance of our roads and transport systems, but oftentimes, the facts surrounding this particular need for…Read more