Why do Businesses Use Red Diesel?

If you are regularly using red diesel it can sometimes be tough to clearly define what is legal and illegal use. This means that some customers will use white diesel and this often leads to them paying a lot more…Read more

Commercial diesel customers

What will affect commercial diesel customers over the next few months? As of September 2015 the government will once again be changing the regulations for all new petrol and diesel engines in the UK. They must now be compliant with…Read more

What is AdBlue and Where can you buy it?

AdBlue is a high quality urea solution that is very easy to use. AdBlue is the registered trademark for AUS32. AdBlue is used with the selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) to reduce emissions of UK diesel vehicles. Since 2005 legislation…Read more

What is Heating Oil?

If you have just moved into a house that runs of Heating Oil then let Ingoe Oils explain everything you need to know.  So what is Kerosene? It is estimated that four million households in the UK are not connected…Read more

Find your local fuel supplier in the North West

Looking for fuel in the North West? There is another option to a faceless, below par Oil company. Find your local fuel supplier in the North West and experience personal, professional service with a smile. Ingoe Oils is based in…Read more

10 Reasons to Choose Ingoe Oils

There are many reasons to use Ingoe Oils – Here are just a few… Over the years, we’ve worked hard to expand our business by not only offering high quality fuels at low prices, but also by ensuring our values…Read more