Need packed fuel, what is right for you?

If your business uses smaller quantities of fuel such as gas oil and kerosene then packed fuel may be better for you. Packed fuels offer a business flexibility and better storage options. so what option is best for you?

20 litre drum 

If you are only needing small amounts and have limited space for storage then a 20 litre drum is your best option. You can buy and store two or three drums in minimal space and even fill them up of the pump at the local fuel yard. 20 litre drums now come with the option to have an Ecovent which allows the drum to have continuous flow of air, this stops the drum from glugging when poured.

205 litre drum

If your company uses red diesel regularly for plant and machinery. A 205 litre barrel is your preferred option. tight head barrels are usually supplied this means a pump is a must. You can get a variety of pumps with different specifications but a strong metal pump is the safest option and will last if being vigorously used. one more option to consider is storage. Businesses often have a separate building or out house to store the diesel in, this is because of the potential risk of fire if spilt.

Packed fuel


Some businesses may use large volumes of fuel and may not have a tank on site. The easiest solution to this is to buy 1000L of fuel in an IBC. An IBC can be lifted by a suitable forklift truck and can be stacked one on top of each other. This allows for the added benefit of gravity feeding the fuel into either smaller Jerry cans or directly into the machine itself.

Whatever your needs Ingoe Oils can provide you with the right product and knowledge to keep you business running all year round. With FuelPax just around the corner getting packed fuel has never been easier.