Industrial Lubricants – A Helpful Guide

If you own a car, you already know the importance using a good engine lubricant and the correct oils. But what about industrial lubricants? Do you know what they are used for, how they work, and how they should be stored?

Why Industrial Lubrication is Important

From oils to grease, regular lubrication is necessary for all industrial machinery and equipment. Not only will a good quality lubricant help to ensure the optimum performance of your machinery but also help to prolong its working life. By placing the right pressure on your equipment, the right lubricant oil will help to prevent oxidation and rust.

The Uses of Different Types of Lubricants

But what type of lubricants should you use? Different machinery requires different types of lubrication. Heavier and more powerful machinery such as tractors for example will require a stronger, thicker type of lubricant. This is a contrast to the type of lubricants used for car engines, which are often more delicate and synthetic. It is essential therefore to use the right lubricant oil for your machinery. Not only will the wrong oil not produce the desired results, but it may also damage your equipment. So always check first.

Purchasing and Storing Industrial Lubricants

It is now fairly easy to purchase lubricant oils in the UK. Sold in large drums, lubricants can be shipped directly to your place of business. Correct and careful storage however is critical. Always store your lubricant drums in moderate temperatures and away from direct sunlight, as hot weather, extreme cold and humidity conditions can all damage the oil.
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