It’s Hurricane season – Are you topped up?

Almost every year, there’s reports of strong storms sweeping across the UK, causing chaos for everybody in their path. The news channels and websites are often reporting Hurricanes and other strong storms hitting the UK with gusts of wind up to and in excess of 70mph battering many parts of the UK.

Here at Ingoe Oils we are always ready for any change in the weather and in many cases, we will always try our best to stick to our regular 24/7 delivery schedule to ensure our customers are kept topped up with much needed fuels so long as it’s safe to do so. We always recommend that our customers keep their tanks regularly topped up and prepared for any eventuality the weather throws at us. So, no matter what the weather, we will always do our best to keep our tankers out on the road, keeping your tanks filled with much needed fuels and heating oils.

Autumn – Still resisting the urge to turn on the heating

It’s a great time of year for watching the leaves on the trees turning a rich mixture of browns, golds and reds, but also a time for debating whether to admit that the cold weather and darker evenings are set to draw in. As we wave goodbye to the last of the summer sun (what we saw of it), we can often now expect more of the bad weather to begin to set in.

As we get most of our weather from prevailing Westerly winds then we can expect more hurricane remnants to come across the Atlantic bringing windy wintery weather with it. The good news for us here in the UK is of course that most of the time, the fury of the storms will have dissipated by the time it hits our shores.

So before the next storm hits, are you topped up? At Ingoe Oils we can make sure that your tank is regularly topped up with the home heating oil by calling us on 0800 917 7493 today.

Winter – Stay snug and warm with a cosy warm home

As Autumn makes way for Winter, hopefully the worst of the storms is over and we’re going to be set for our usual mild Winters. But as everybody knows in the UK. The national newspapers will take great delight in informing us for months about the impending bad weather, often coming to nothing. But as we’ve often found. When it does, our infrastructure often isn’t setup or geared to managing and coping with the worst the weather sends our way.

As so, as “Hurricane season” makes way for Winter, we always advise all of our customers to ensure that they’re fully topped up and prepared for the worst of the Autumn and Winter weather. As the bad weather comes in, we often find ourselves at our busiest with demand for fuels and oils at a peak as customers old and new scramble to refill their tanks.

Don’t delay – Top-up today

Our advice is, always ensure that you monitor and keep your tanks filled a head of any bad weather to ensure you’re ready and prepared. We have the infrastructure to manage in the worst of the weather, but we are reliant on roads and motorways being kept clear and open for us to keep up our deliveries.

So don’t delay, top-up today! The bad weather shouldn’t mean a nasty surprise if you’re prepared, so let Ingoe Oils help you prepare for the worst of the weather this Autumn and Winter.

Call us today on 0800 917 7493 and ask us how we can help you plan your heating oil needs.