It’s Hurricane season – are you topped up?

It was widely reported this week that Hurricane Gonzalo hit the UK with gusts of wind up to 70mph battering many parts of the Western coast.

Here at Ingoe Oils we were ready for the onslaught and in many cases had been out topping up clients’ tanks to make sure that no matter what the weather is up to we keep their homes supplied and the heating on.

Of course as Autumn is firmly set in now we can expect more of this. As we get most of our weather from prevailing Westerly winds then we can expect more hurricane remnants to come across the Atlantic brining windy wintery weather. The good news for us here in the UK is of course that most of the fury of the storm has dissipated by the time it hits our shores.

So before the next storm hits, are you topped up? At Ingoe Oils we can make sure that your tank is regularly topped up with the home heating oil you need and if you choose to use our easy budget plan then we can also help you to spread the cost.

Bad weather shouldn’t mean a nasty surprise if you are prepared so let Ingoe Oils help you survive this winter.

Call us now on 0800 917 7493 and ask us how we can help you plan your heating oil needs.