Heating Oil Fuels for Home & Business

Premium Kerosene (Elite Heat) & Aga/Rayburn (Elite Burn)

There are two main types of heating oil that fuel delivery companies can supply you with; either Premium Kerosene called Elite Heat or Aga/Rayburn called Elite Burn.

These two new types of heating oils have many advantages to benefit both you and the environment.

BudgetPlan In general, there are two main advantages to using heating oil; it is cost effective and is extremely safe to use in comparison to other fuels.

Because of this, heating oils are delivered to homes and businesses across the UK as a means of fuel throughout the year.

Kerosene as one of the aforementioned heating oils in its paraffin form produces less fumes than other fuels and is therefore often considered to be less harmful to the environment than burning coal and wood.

Furthermore, when using kerosene as a fuel you will find that your pressure jet boiler efficiency will improve drastically and as a result you will also see a reduction in any service problems seen with other fuels.

Kerosene’s shelf life can vary depending on the kind of containers you choose to store it in, for example it can be kept for a year in a plastic container to equally it can last for up to 10 years when stored in metal containers which obviously need to be kept in dry temperature controlled conditions.

The conditions that the kerosene is stored in has a large effect on how long it can last, therefore for the best results it is advised that containers are stored in dry conditions away from rain and sunlight as previously stated needs to be temperature controlled.

It must also be noted that the metal container chosen also will have to be rust resistant, but as Kerosene is a non-corrosive fuel, it is safe to store it within them.