Guide to Buying Heating Oil

At Ingoe Oils we can supply you with either Premium Kerosene called Elite Heat or Aga/Rayburn called Elite Burn. These two new types of heating oils have many advantages to benefit both you and the environment.

Planned Delivery Service

Our planned delivery service is specifically designed to provide you with peace of mind, safe in Cheaper energy pricesthe knowledge that rain or shine we will provide you with a consistent and reliable supply of heating oil. When your tank is running low we will automatically come and refill without you having to make a call. To find out more about this visit our top up service page.

Manually Ordering Heating Oil

If however you would prefer to manually order your heating oil, you must remember to call us and order in plenty of time as it is not like being connected to a mains connection and it will run out. Depending on your situation your oil consumption will vary.

For instance if you are not home in the day and are not having the constantly heat a number of rooms your consumption should be low. Nonetheless, your consumption must be monitored as well as the level in the tank. To make sure you do not run out especially in the winter season it is important to frequently check your consumption and pre order heating oil.

Customer Safety

Here at Ingoe Oils, our customer’s safety and satisfaction is the number one priority and because of this we take into account not only your safety but your home, our staff and the environment. Before we deliver to your home an assessment will be made by our driver to ensure that is is safe and if not we will advise you in a solution to ensure the safety of your tank.

If you would like any more information or advice feel free to call us on 0800 917 7493 or visit our heating oil page for more specific information.