Green Diesel Exists, and You Need to Know About It

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that the pressure to reduce your carbon footprint is higher than ever. The trouble is, if using fuel is part and parcel of what you do, you probably think achieving a low-carbon footprint is impossible. Then again, you probably haven’t heard of Carbon Offset Red Diesel, otherwise known as green diesel.


Carbon Offset Red Diesel is, in a manner of speaking, one of the most environmentally friendly types of diesel available. 


Confused? Don’t be. To clear things up, we’re going to break it down for you.


It’s just like Red Diesel…..but it’s Green.


First things first, it’s important to point out the chemical differences between normal red diesel and Carbon Offset Red Diesel.


Are you ready for this? It may surprise you.


There aren’t any. Red diesel and its carbon-offset cousin are exactly the same in every way, and accordingly, they both release the exact same amount of carbon emissions.


So what’s the difference between red and green diesel?


It’s all to do with the concept of Carbon Offsetting.


This involves the purchase of high-quality Carbon Offset credits from environmental agencies.


When you purchase a Carbon Offset credit, money is invested into schemes and initiatives around the world which reduce carbon emissions, such as:


  • Investing in renewable energy, such as wind farms, solar power, hydroelectric power generators etc.
  • Methane collection and combustion projects
  • Energy efficiency schemes
  • Destruction of industrial pollutants

green diesel


These are just a few of the ways to offset carbon emissions, and the effectiveness of each of them is measured in metric tonnes.


So, for every drop of Carbon Offset Red Diesel, we’ve nullified the net effect of its carbon emission by purchasing the equivalent amount of offset carbon.


So when you can’t cut your carbon emissions, CORD allows you to do it elsewhere.


Simple, right?


And there you have it.  Carbon Offset Red Diesel is simply a conscientious effort to provide a red diesel option that the environment will be happier with.


For more information on purchasing Carbon Offset Red Diesel, take a look at our product page here, and take your first step towards a more environmentally friendly future today.