Find your local fuel supplier in the North West

Looking for fuel in the North West? There is another option to a faceless, below par Oil company. Find your local fuel supplier in the North West and experience personal, professional service with a smile. Ingoe Oils is based in Rochdale but its tankers provide fuel for all of the North West. This is b
ecause they pull fuel direct from the main terminals.

Why choose a local supplier like Ingoe Oils?

The difference between Ingoe Oils and any of the generic, large Oil companies is the exceptional service you will receive from this family owned business. Each customers needs are individual and Ingoe Oils service is just as individual. Ingoe Oils prides itself on keeping customers stocked all year round. This is done in a variety of ways.

Bulk Fuel in the North West 

Ingoe Oils has three tankers of various sizes this means that agricultural customers can get 500 litre drops and large industrial customers can get drops of up to 20,000 litres. This means your business can get the right fuel at the right time without having to compensate on volume and service. Ingoe Oils recruits drivers with personality, you know you will be greeted by a friendly driver with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Ingoe Oils pull its fuel from the main terminals meaning you will receive the best possible price.

Packed Fuel

Ingoe Oils Knows that sometimes a tanker drop isn’t possible. FuelPax specialises in packed fuel. Fuelpax can offer red diesel and kerosene direct to your door the very next day should you require. So if you need packed fuel in a variety of sizes from 20 Litres to 1000 litres Fuelpax can offer a wide range of options meaning you can keep emergency supplies and never run out again. Find out more at Call Ingoe Oils and arrange for a representative to come to your business  and demonstrate how well FuelPax can be integrated into your business.

After care

Ingoe Oils understands that call centres can be frustrating and time consuming. When you call Ingoe Oils you speak to a real person from the North West who has developed a keen interest and understanding about the Oil industry. This means they understand your business the way you do. Ingoe Oils has a large customer base of loyal companies this is because ever customer is known by name and is always looked after by their very own account manager.North West fuelFuel North West

Next time you need fuel in the North West call a local, family business. Ingoe Oils delivers unmatched service and after care.