Why you should fill you heating oil tank before winter

With winter just around the corner Ingoe Oils aims to let you know why it is a great idea to fill your Heating Oil tank this month in preparation for winter.

lets first cover the price of Heating Oil. Heating Oil is a slang name for kerosene and is often used as heating oil in most homes that are off the main grid. In the last year we have seen repeated drops in the wholesale price of kerosene from the main terminals. This as allowed Ingoe Oils to pass this benefit on to our customers.

How much has Heating Oil fallen in price?

lets try and put the lower price of Heating Oil into context. It is now widely reported that a home running of Heating Oil cost significantly less per year then a home connected to the gas grind. like all fuel kerosenes price fluctuates by the minute but it is fair to say it has stayed relatively low for some time. This is reason number one to buy your Heating Oil now. With kerosene at such a good price it makes sense. As the winter approaches the price of kerosene is surely to rise. this is due to a number of factors such as supply and demand, the increased cost of transport and the costs at the terminal.


Reason number two. Lots of people order kerosene over winter. Sounds obvious right. well in recent years the demand for kerosene has far out weighed the number of drivers and hours in the day. This has lead to customers waiting for over a week for delivery. So here at Ingoe Oils we believe that filling your tank up now will mean you will only have to top up over the winter and will never run out.


The last few years haven’t been the snowiest, that said we have had some bad weather in the years previous. The snow can drastically effect a fuel companies efficiency. This brings us to reason number three. If you live in a hard to reach location or have a narrow path leading to your fuel tank snow can make it impossible to get larger vehicles to your destination. This has two knock on affects the first is that customers are waiting on a baby tanker delivery rather than any fleet vehicle and this leads to increased delivery dates. The second is that no vehicle can reach the destination meaning the customer runs out of fuel.

In all these instances it is incredibly important that you try to keep fuel in your tank if a Heating Oil tank runs out of fuel it can have very damaging mechanical effects. Often leading to increased cost for the customer as an qualified engineer has to come out and fix the heating system.

How do I prepare for the winter

Ingoe Oils recommends that you fill your Heating Oil tank now ready for the winter. This way you know that you will never run out. Along with a large bulk delivery Ingoe Oils has developed a new packed fuel range under the name Fuelpax. We can provide 20L emergency packs for you to store for the winter. These kerosene packs are mixed with a special additive system which help the fuel burn better as well as lowering the char value. We recommend you store two or three of these of these in a safe location as a just in case precaution.

Call Ingoe Oils today to place your pre winter bulk order and ask one of our team about our new range of packed fuel to keep you going through the winter.