The Degree Day System for your home

Heating oil and other various fuels are consumed for heating based on how cold the weather has been and for how long. Across the UK, many fuel delivery companies will use this information in order to estimate when you need a fuel delivery based on the Degree Day Unit.

Degree Days correspond to fuel consumption needs, so for the purpose of scheduling when to deliver, the company will track them at each heating season which typically will be from the start of September until the end of May the following year.

A Degree Day is a unit for measuring how hot or cold it has been over a 24-hour period. Ingoe Oils BlogWhenever the average temperature drops below around 18 degrees, you will have a Degree Day. That average is based on looking at the highest and lowest temperatures reached that day and based on that working out if it is then a degree day from the temperature in between those two temperatures.

Within the Degree Day System there are various aspects which when combined allow these companies to deliver fuel when necessary such as the K-Factor which is quite simply a number which shows how fast a household uses fuel. As just as on a car you will see miles per-gallon of fuel use, the K-Factor shows degree days per gallon.

Another aspect is the Usable D.D. which shows how many degree days can pass before there is the need to make the next delivery to you. Obviously however there is also the Reserve which is equally as important as it is a safety reserve of fuel if necessary.

If you are interested in becoming part of a Planned Delivery Service, knowing that whatever the weather the fuel that you need shall be provided for the seasonal period.