Commercial diesel customers

What will affect commercial diesel customers over the next few months?

As of September 2015 the government will once again be changing the regulations for all new petrol and diesel engines in the UK. They must now be compliant with Euro 6 emission standards. The aim is to simply make vehicle emissions cleaner and this is done by lowering the NOx emissions.

The new Euro 6 emission standard has kept the limit of NOx for petrol engines at 60mg/KM however they will be dropping the permitted level of NOx down to a maximum of 80mg/KM for diesel engines. When we compare this with the Euro 5 emissions standard which was at 180mg?km we can see that the level has significantly dropped.

So how will this effect diesel drivers in the UK?

In the short term, the new Euro 6 standards are most likely going to have little effect on drivers. However they could see better fuel economy and emissions from the new diesel cars as the latest exhaust treatment technology becomes standard across the industry.

How will the changes affect our commercial diesel customers?

There has been large changes already in the sector and this had lead to businesses needing a fast reliable service and this is the main reason why Ingoe Oils has seen such high growth. Our existing customers benefit from our approach as we supply both diesel and AdBlue this ticks both the boxes. This is important because as of 2005 legislation means you need to use a SCR system for all heavy goods vehicles. This means all commercial companies who use heavy goods vehicles now have to have a separate AdBlue tank fitted to their vehicle. This has changed the way customers order as they now need two products rather than one. Ingoe Oils adapted to this by building a strong network of suppliers meaning we can get AdBlue at the best prices. This then allows our customers to focus on getting the fuel they need. Ingoe Oils will deliver fuel in a range of sizes from a 210 Litre barrel to a 20,000 litre drop. Our commercial diesel customers are usually interested in the latter. We further developed our business by purchasing a brand new six wheel vehicle this means we can now commit to large volume orders and offer the best prices.

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