Colder weather is coming; time to top up your heating oil!

After the driest September on record and some unseasonably warm temperatures a lot of us have got used to not having the central heating on. Forecasters however are warning us that this is all about to change!

The weather has been driven by the Jetstream which has been situated a lot further north than usual for this time of year; it’s been sitting over Iceland and keeping a lot of the bad weather that normally comes at us across the Atlantic away from us.

Right now we can see that this has started to change and even though temperatures are set to be quite high for this time of year the wind and rain will make it feel an awful lot colder over the coming days.

At Ingoe Oils we always keep an eye on the weather as we know that a cold snap at this time of year can lead to people turning the Central Heating on and suddenly finding that they are short of heating oil. There’s nothing quite as bad a suddenly discovering that you can’t heat your home and you’ll have to shiver until we can get to you!

If you find yourself in that predicament then don’t worry. At Ingoe Oils we are here to help and have deliveries available at times to suit you throughout the week. Of course it’s far better if you don’t get caught out so why not take the time now to;

Check your current heating oil levels
Estimate when you are likely to need a top up
Call us now and book ahead so we can guarantee delivery for you


If you would prefer not to get caught out then why not ask us about our Planned Delivery Service which takes all the hassle away from remembering?

We can either schedule to top your tank up whenever we are in your area or provide a far more sophisticated service which combines your historic usage along with weather and temperature patters to predict when you are likely to need your next delivery.

Whichever you prefer, why not call us today and have a chat? We are here from 7am to 5pm every weekday and 7.30am to midday on Saturday and we’d love to tell you about how we can help you never have to worry about topping up your heating oil again.

Call us now on 0800 917 7493 and beat the cold weather that’s coming!

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