Commercial diesel customers

What will effect commercial diesel customers over the next few months? As of September 2015 the government will once again be changing the regulations for all new petrol and diesel engines in the UK. They must now be compliant with…Read more

Industrial Lubricants: Top Tips for Picking the Best Supplier

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Ways for Businesses to Reduce Fuel Consumption

For most businesses, fuel makes up a significant percentage of your operating costs. Often, these costs can be reduced. The secret lies in taking steps to improve your company’s fuel efficiency. Not only will this reduce fuel consumption but it…Read more

Industrial Lubricants – A Helpful Guide

If you own a car, you already know the importance using a good engine lubricant and the correct oils. But what about industrial lubricants? Do you know what they are used for, how they work, and how they should be…Read more

Keeping Your Business Fuelled:

The Advantages of a Top-Up Delivery Service For businesses that use industrial fuel, maintaining a reliable, regular and cost efficient fuel supply is a top concern. After all, nobody wants to run out of fuel or pay for an expedited…Read more

Understanding the Legalities of Gas Oil

Trying to decipher the legalities surrounding gas oil is less difficult than it appears. Also known as ‘red diesel,’ this oil is chemically marked with a red dye, to allow for easy identification by HMRC. This is due to its…Read more

What is red diesel used for?

Red Diesel Sometimes there’s confusion about red diesel fuel and normal automotive white diesel fuel. In terms of its chemical make-up there is no difference at all apart from the fact that red dye has been added to differentiate it.…Read more

How to use AdBlue

Despite AdBlue not being a hazardous product there are very clear rules to follow when using this solution as it is used with a SCR catalyst which can be extremely sensitive to impurities. Therefore it is imperative that your AdBlue…Read more