Fuelling your home: What you need to know

What are the available fuels for heating your home? There are a variety of fuels available to you to heat rooms in your home which include Gas, Electricity, Oil, LPG, Hot water from the mains, Biomass products (wood) and Coal…Read more

Heating oil

There are two main types of heating oil that fuel delivery companies can supply you with; either Premium Kerosene called Elite Heat or Aga/Rayburn called Elite Burn. These two new types of heating oils have many advantages to benefit both…Read more

The Degree Day System for your home

Heating oil and other various fuels are consumed for heating based on how cold the weather has been and for how long. Across the UK, many fuel delivery companies will use this information in order to estimate when you need…Read more

Benefits of Using Oil to Fuel the Home

Oil heating is the most common method of heating homes across the UK that aren’t connected to the gas network, particularly in rural areas. An oil-fired boiler is used to heat water inside the home, as well as fueling the…Read more

Guide to Heating Oil

If you live in one of the 4 million homes that aren’t connected to the mains gas supply, heating oil is likely to be the most efficient and affordable solution for heating your home. There are two main types of…Read more