Best Fuel Management System for Your Heating Oil?

Running your home heating oil can be as effective as being connected to the national grid. Here at Ingoe Oils we aim to provide you with a clear understanding of the best fuel management system available.

The first thing to cover is the different terms and names used for heating oil. These can include kerosene, Kero, 28 Second and Heating Oil, Heating Oil is a common slang name used by home owners as they use the kerosene to heat their domestic properties.

How to measure your heating oil tank

The next thing you want to find out is how to measure the size of your heating oil tank. You can get oil tanks in a variety of sizes however it is common for a tank to be in the 1000 Litre to 2500 Litre range. Knowing the size of your tank allows you to effectively plan your Heating Oil deliveries.

Measuring your plastic kerosene tank

If you find that your kerosene tank is made from green plastic you will usually be able to find the tank details located on the tank. They will usually be found on a metal plate on embossed into the side of the plastic. So, for example, a green plastic tank stamped with H1000 would suggest that it is a horizontal tank with a capacity of 1000 litres.

Measuring your steel kerosene tank

If your metal tank is rectangular, you will be able to calculate the volume by taking measurements of each side.

The formula to use is height x width x length this will get you the volume of the tank. You can then multiply the volume by 6.25 to establish the size of the tank in gallons. if you require the size in litres you can then multiply the size in gallons by 4.54609. This will give you the litre volume of your tank.

The best fuel management system

Once you have the size of your tank and the fuel it takes you can then look at the best fuel management systems available for your heating oil. Ingoe Oils believes they offer the best fuel management. You can buy probes and digital readers this will give you an accurate reading of your tank at any given time. Ingoe Oils offers something better our staff will monitor your order volumes and the time between each order.

Allowing our staff  to accurately predict when your tank is running low. This means that you have your own account manager looking after your fuel all year round. Your very own personal account manager will give you a courtesy call when your tank is running low meaning you will never run out of fuel.

heating oil
So if you need heating oil give the team here at Ingoe Oils a call today on 0800 917 7493 and find out why we have the best fuel management system.