Benefits of Using Oil to Fuel the Home

Oil heating is the most common method of heating homes across the UK that aren’t step1connected to the gas network, particularly in rural areas. An oil-fired boiler is used to heat water inside the home, as well as fueling the central heating system.
Here are some of the key benefits of using oil to heat your home:

It’s Safe
Using oil to heat the home is one of the safest methods available. Oil is not flammable, and can only be ignited using the sophisticated mechanisms inside the boiler. You should always ensure equipment is properly installed, and that you purchase oil from reliable sources. The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) has outlined the standards that all oil-fired heating should adhere to, ensuring safety and efficiency.

It’s Efficient
Modern oil-fired boilers are incredibly efficient, and can heat your home more effectively than gas-fired boilers. Modern oil-fired systems have the same controls as gas-fired alternatives, providing you with increased efficiency. Like gas-fired central heating, you’re able to install a thermostat inside your property to control the temperature, radiator valves to turn off radiators inside rooms that aren’t currently in use, and thermostats to control the temperature of your hot water tank.

It’s Affordable
As a constant supply of oil isn’t available directly to your property, you will need to have your oil delivered directly from the supplier. Whilst this can mean you have to pay for your oil up front, it provides you with greater control over your spending. It’s also possible to spread the cost of your oil throughout the year, if you don’t have the funds available to pay for your oil upon delivery.

There are many misconceptions about oil-fired heating, but in reality it offers a fantastic alternative to traditional gas central heating.