Advantages of Using Kerosene

Advantages of KeroseneKerosene is a liquid fossil fuel which comes from the refinement of crude oil and can be used for heating homes. There are many advantages to using kerosene in homes which is why it is a widely used fuel source across the country.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Kerosene?

The two biggest advantages of using kerosene are the cost efficiency and the level of safety that comes with using this fuel. These two reasons alone mean that heating oil companies across the country regularly deliver kerosene to homes, farms and businesses, especially in the colder months.

Kerosene in its paraffin form produces fewer fumes than other fuels and is therefore often considered to be less harmful to the environment than burning coal and wood. However, it can emit some poisonous gases. If it isn’t handled and used properly, it can cause damage to the body when inhaled.

The shelf life of kerosene can vary depending on the kind of containers you choose to store it in. For instance, it can be kept for a year in a plastic container, while it can last for up to 10 years when stored in metal containers. Regardless of the container you are using, it should always be kept under dry temperature controlled conditions.

How Should I Store Kerosene?

The conditions that the kerosene is stored in has a large effect on how long it can last, therefore for the best results, it is advised that containers are stored in dry conditions away from rain and sunlight. If you use a metal container, it will need to be rust resistant to make sure the kerosene stays in good condition.

Like many fuels and oils, kerosene is very easy to ignite. This can make it a valuable source of electricity, light and heat if necessary in power cuts, especially for areas that might be harder to get to during the colder months. With most kerosene delivered before the winter months, there is usually enough to last in these situations.